RASGOS ASIÁTICOS | Performance and Installation

English, Spanish and Chinese | On-going | CalArts, Center for New Performance | March, 2022

as Ensemble

Written by San Antonio-raised and Austin-based artist Virginia Grise with an installation by Los Angeles-based designer Tanya Orellana, rasgos asiáticos – sobremesa transforms the Train Shed next to the Silos at Sawyer Yards into a market of memories — a site-specific, multisensory experiential installation. Told through a series of inherited stories, fragmented memories, historical re-imaginings and recurring dreams, rasgos asiáticos explores the fluidity of borders and time, unearthing hidden histories in the confluence of China, Mexico, and the United States.


Lost and Found | Drama, livestream & playback

English, Japanese & Chinese | Sunday 8/28, 2022 | Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Playwright & Director: Yuichiro Komikado | 脚本・演出:小御門優一郎
Produced by Nomeets
| 企画・製作 ノーミーツ

As Viola



"What has been lost and what will not be lost no matter what."
A story of the "current world" delivered by a hostel owner and former guests who overcame the turning point due to the pandemic.


The Hidden Territories of The Bacchae
A response to Euripides' The Bacchae | Spectacle, outdoor & Indoor

Multilingual | Previews: July 15 – 17, 2022; Performances: July 20 – August 6, 2022

Conceived, directed, and designed by Stacy Klein;
Co-created and adapted with Milena Dabova, Jennifer Johnson, Travis Coe, and Carlos Uriona;
Musical composition by Amanda Miller.

As Bacchant

Dionysus was the Greek God of Ecstacy, Wine, and Theatre, also called Bacchus, who travelled through distant matriarchal lands with women claiming their Rites of duality, liberation, and joy. In our Hidden Territories version of Dionysus' return to Thebes, the Bacchae (women gathered from around the world) are rematriating their own languages, ritual, ceremony, and story, such as Anishinaabemowen, as well as Chinese, Polish, Kechua, Hebrew, and Spanish in addition to English.

King Lear 李尔王 | Drama

English | The Walt Disney Modular Theater, California Institute of the Arts | November 2019

by William Shakespeare
Directed by Brittney Brady


A massive dust storm approaches, threatening to consume a whole world in darkness. In a heartbreaking showdown between good and evil, loyalty and deception, knowing and not knowing, King Lear takes us on the tragic journey of a father whose act of division shakes the bedrock of his kingdom.

Photo Credits: Jenny Graham Photography & Hao Feng

Little Red Book, or Plural Body
| Video essay & movement

Chinese & English | New Original Works Festival, REDCAT | November 2020

Directed by Xiaoyue Zhang
Performed by Jiayu Zhang, Yue Zhu, Lydia Li, Xiaoyue Zhang

Little Red Book, or Plural Body is an experiment of bodies in performative spaces to look carefully at the interactions in which individual bodies, collective identity, and ideology are connected within the cultural space of China and beyond. Focusing on the practices and disciplines that Chinese bodies assimilate in the process of socialization, modernization and globalization, Xiaoyue Zhang and her onstage collaborators explore the political and cultural pressures and conflicts within their bodies, and how they, as artists and movers, take them in, rebel against them, and move forward with them.


Soñar Es Luchar | Experimental/Theatrical Video and Poetry

English & Spanish |
reflect / project by Mid-America Arts Aliance | December 4th, 2020 - January 8th 2021
Remember. Breathe. Dream. by Cara Mia Theatre | December 10th - 13th, 2020

By Virginia Grise
Commissioned by The Sol Project
Tanya Orellana, Kendra Ware, and Virginia Grise
Performed by Marlene Beltran, Sharon Bridgforth, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Lydia Li, and Paula Alvarez-Espinosa

A lucid dream. About a broken heart, wild fires, urban rebellions and the longing to fly. Set in a cotton field in South Texas.

Mr. Crow 乌鸦先生 | Drama

English and Chinese | Company Creation Festival - Son of Semele, Los Angeles, CA | January 2019

Playwright and director: LU Changting
Performered by: Juan Ayala, Gabriel Jimenez, Lydia Li, Ethan Harris Rigs & Tiger Yip

Mr. Crow is a creature who was born out of the memory of someone who died of suicide. Liberated from death, he dances at his own funeral and laughs at those who try to explain his death with a simple reason. This performance unfolds the complexity behind suicide by revisiting and recreating fragmented memories stored in multiple media.

The Last Dodo | VR and Theatre

CalArts Expo | January & May 2018

Curated and story by Tom Rhodes
Performed by Faryn Thomure, Kezia Roane Madarang, Kaitlyn McKinney, Likun Jing,Vidushi Chadha, and Lydia Li

月亮还记得 The Moon Recalls | Drama

Chinese | Shanghai, June 2017 & Beijing, January 2018

Playwright and directed by Changting Lu 卢昌婷

Don Dang 党昊春 as The Man
Lydia Li 黎珈璐 as
The Moon